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Why use listeron?

Your own special group

Make it easier to make plans for the next group outing or sharing pictures from last night.

Talk with your sport buddies

Plan your practice, talk about upcoming games and the trips to the pub after the game.

Project management — made easy

Everyone knows how to manage their email. Why use another software or an app to manage a small project? Share ideas, talk about deadlines and deliverables via email - like you always do.

The group gets together

Share your tricks, ideas and timesavers

Talk about the things you care about, share the links you find.

That's a neat recipe to share

Share your cooking secrets with only your friends who care.

Whatever you want a list for.

Use listeron to stay in touch with old friends, manage your upcoming projects, share with a hobby group or whatever you fancy.


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Create your list (New signups are closed) Create your list (New signups are closed)
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